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– Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Areteworks’ UI and UX design is of the highest quality. Our internal presentations of their UI concepts and visual design work left a lot of people excited and impressed.”


– AiM (Alliance Inspection Management)

“Areteworks’ solutions are inventive, implementation is sound, and their flexibility to adjust to changing priorities makes them a pleasure to work with.”


– Kofax

“Areteworks’ designers were incredibly creative and provided a superior level of design insight and innovation which changed how we approach our project.”


– DermSpectra

“The designers at Areteworks were extremely thorough and knowledgeable, and provided a far easier and more stylish user interface for our skin imaging system than we imagined possible.”


– Enigma Diagnostics

“Wow! I can’t say enough about your team of designers. The high-quality of the design deliverables provided a much simpler and more intuitive user interface for our MiniLab.”


– Medrad

“Kudos to your Design team. Their work surpassed our expectations.”


– MediaTrust

“Areteworks delivered as promised. They met every project milestone often ahead of our own team and their communication and response times were always excellent.”


– Verizon

“Very impressed! Areteworks’ designers are a very talented and creative group.”


– HemisphereGPS

“Areteworks’ design team was fantastic, working closely with our marketing and firmware teams with an impressive level of creativity, innovativion, and professionalism.”


– Invensys

“Areteworks’ team was truly committed to understanding our needs; their approach to UI design and results they provided could not have been better.”


– Panasonic

“Areteworks is an inventive and versatile group, with the creative flexibility to keep pace with our changing project goals without missing a beat.”


– Samsung

“I highly recommend Areteworks’ outstanding approach towards UX and UI and sharp attention to even the smallest design details.”



“We were greatly impressed with Areteworks’ ability to understand the project’s complexity and pain points, and discover simple and intuitive UI design approaches that significantly improved the user experience for clinicians.”


– Braun

“Areteworks’ designers are extremely detail-oriented, working quickly and efficiently to eliminate concerns of meeting project objectives.”


– Ormco

“Areteworks’ strong understanding of UI design principles provided our project with a clean, innovative, and intuitive user interface.”


– Swell Software

“Your talented designers conducted business in a professional and timely manner that helped us with our latest demos.”


– WaveTec Corp

“Areteworks went above and beyond what we expected, providing an unmatched level of creativity, quality, and thoroughness in their UI and UX design.”


– Dexcom

“We have worked with numerous design firms and can easily say the effectiveness of Areteworks’ design process and the look and feel of the interface their visual designers provided are among the best out there.”


– SureTint

“Outstanding work by Areteworks’ design team. They brought creative concepts and an inspiring design approach to our salon management software.”


– RtTech

“Just fantastic. Areteworks’ UI designers somehow made the complexity of our management system simple and intuitive, which will lead to greater productivity.”


– Magellan Navigation Inc.

“Areteworks delivered a compelling and complete solution, from the product vision to the user interface and graphics definition.”


– Apple Evangelist

“This is the best user interface!”