Yearly Archives: 2018

Happy New Year! | UX Design Company

December 28, 2018

Wishing you a happy and successful 2019! We look forward to working with you on exciting new projects. Look for us at these upcoming events:       

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Using dark backgrounds in user interface design | UX Design Company

November 27, 2018

More and more, user interfaces on desktops, mobile devices and kiosks are using darker colored backgrounds. Understanding the reasons goes beyond aesthetics, however. Studies have been conducted to analyze how the combination of text and background color affects readability, aesthetics, and behavioral intention in people. UI systems using dark backgrounds has its advantages. Eye fatigue…

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Use of modal windows within UI | UX Design Company

October 15, 2018

Modal windows are windows that are shown on top of an application screen to convey information to, or collect information from, the user. These “popups” prevent the user from interacting with the application until the window is closed by the user. While this can have valuable purposes, it can also lead to end-user frustration. The…

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User interface design and icons | UX Design Company

March 28, 2018

Icons and user interface design are practically inseparable. Icons convey meaning, can cross language barriers, help establish brands, give products and devices a contemporary look and feel, and make for easy touch targets. Their creation and use, however, can still be full of missteps and confusion. The absence of a standard for icons can make…

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Wizards versus forms and UX design | UX Design Company

January 29, 2018

Applications often need to gather information from users, whether it be personal or pertaining to their work activities. In UX design, reducing the impact of this process is essential to an efficient workflow and a positive user experience. To this end, the pros and cons in using a scrolling form versus a wizard approach often…

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Contextual menus in user interface systems | UX Design Company

January 1, 2018

Contextual menus in user interface systems are pop-up menus that change depending on where you click. This provides a shortcut to actions and features users will want and need most often. These menus are usually accessed by “right-clicking” on the screen or a specific screen element. Employing contextual menus helps to maximize efficiency and relevancy…

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