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Areteworks’ COVID 19 Design Process

During this pandemic, we understand that intuitive, affordable, and rapid UX solutions can play a vital role in saving lives. From working with multiple healthcare companies during this global crisis, Areteworks has created an effective proprietary COVID-19 design process that has the flexibility to create innovative and effective UX design solutions even with social distancing guidelines in place.

Some examples of our newly revised UX process are described below.

Understanding Stakeholder’s Perspectives
Even in this pandemic, it is important to understand end-user perspectives. Though performing classical “User Research” may not always be possible, we are able to draw on our vast and unique experience in both the healthcare and consumer industries to help provide an understanding of your end-users. We can analyze and leverage any pre-existing marketing, QC and secondary data to help save on both time and budget. In addition, if primary research is needed, we can conduct research remotely using live streaming methods, allowing our researchers to watch users perform their tasks and conduct stakeholder interviews.

Our design team also places an emphasis on stakeholders – understanding each client’s existing goals and insights associated with their project. This includes project constraints, key product specifications, user interaction requirements, and competitive research.

Conceptual Design
On average, we use at least two UX designers (depending on scale of the project) to begin conceptual design. We continuously test our concepts internally and externally during our rapid iterative design process. Areteworks’ establishes internal reviews for every stage of the concept design, guaranteeing the fidelity of the design even if our design team is working remotely. Additional senior designers, managers, and visual designers will attend these concept reviews to provide their expert feedback from a fresh perspective, untied to any presumptions or constraints.

We will soon be publishing additional phases of our revised UX pandemic process, including  Formative Usability Testing and Visual Design. Contact us today if you have any questions on how Areteworks can assist you with your project during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Posted in 2020