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App UI Design

App UI Design

At Areteworks, successful mobile app UI design means providing innovative, intuitive, and inspiring ways for users to meet their needs and goals, thus providing users with a great user experience. Our team of UX/UI design specialists and experienced mobile app UI designers understand how to create award winning apps by utilizing our proprietary user-centered process and the heuristic principles for mobile design.

A comprehensive guide to mobile app design

Choosing a UX / UI design company

When beginning your mobile app UI design project, finding a design team that understands not only UX / UI design but also your business, project goals, your stakeholders, your competition, and your development constraints is important. At Areteworks, we have a reputation for the knowledge and thoroughness of understanding we bring to each project. We uncover the goals of our clients and the needs of their customers. Our design team takes a pragmatic approach towards each project, allowing us to save precious time and keep budgets within reason.

Goal Setting

Providing the design team with an understanding of the goals and existing insights associated with your app design project is a first vital step. At Areteworks, we first meet with your key team members to gain knowledge of your product’s overall strategy, marketing requirements, and technical constraints. Relaying these critical aspects of the project to the UX and UI designers and solidifying the scope of work helps to accelerate the design and development of an inspiring application.


Research is an integral part of any app design. It is from this point that a better understanding can be gained of your stakeholders, their needs and frustrations, and how your application can provide a satisfying user experience. Areteworks’ Research experts have a vast array of experience and knowledge of competitive and behavioral research methodologies in both healthcare and commercial industries.


Areteworks’ User Interface designers employ an iterative user-centered design process (Design Thinking) to generate innovative workflows and UI design concepts that form the foundation for successful UI solutions. We do this by incorporating the data from user research and creating a User Journey to give the designers and our clients a visualization of users’ current workflows, insights, and motivations. Performing detailed feature analysis of your mobile app allows our design team to discover critical aspects and important features that will help shape the concept design phase of the project.


Formative usability testing is a way to gather invaluable user feedback on the concept design’s success and spotlight areas that could be improved even further. Conducting usability tests creates an easier path to making any necessary design changes, ensuring a satisfying user experience without sacrificing functionality or your project’s goals.

Areteworks’ Formative Usability tests are conducted by usability specialists with experience in a wide variety of mobile platforms. We develop both low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes for use in Formative Usability testing before development begins. By incorporating rapid prototyping techniques early in the product’s life cycle, Areteworks is able to validate and assess the initial concept designs and make revisions as necessary.

Visual Design

Areteworks’ visual designers are known for world-class contemporary graphics, icons, and color schemes being applied to mobile apps of all types. We consider a variety of design principles and issues when determining the visual direction of your mobile app’s user interface: visual hierarchy, contrast, and the various interaction methods between the user and the mobile app.  


Mobile app development

Areteworks has technical expertise developing mobile applications across numerous platforms. Using an Agile Methodology, our mobile app development team is able to give our clients quick, intuitive results by using short yet effective work cycles. We ensure quality in every cycle of development by concluding with a phase of detailed software testing. In addition, our development specialists will schedule regular web conferences and meetings to ensure perfect alignment with our clients’ expectations.


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