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Private Label Seo

Private Label Seo

Are you a busy SEO expert with lots of clients but not enough time to do everything yourself? If so, you may be looking to outsource to a private label SEO company like iAdroit. Rather than spending hours on freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr trying to find professionals to write your content, build your links, manage your keywords, and do all of the other things that SEOs have to do, why not just pay one company to do it all for you! Indeed, considering how much time SEOs spend trying to outsource on these freelance platforms, it would make more sense for them just to perform the tasks themselves.

Because iAdroit is based in India, we can perform these SEO services at a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay in Western countries. And although iAdroit is an Indian company, you can probably tell by the article you are reading now or by any other text-based content you will find on this website, that our writers are extremely gifted and fluent in English. This means that you can rely on iAdroit to create flawless content every time - content that appears to be written by a native English-speaking person.

How Does Private Label SEO Work?

The best part about private label SEO is that we will do all of the work for you, and you will get all of the credit. When we create content for your clients, we will write as if we are you. It is your name and your brand that appears on everything. Therefore, as far as your clients can tell, there is no third party involved.

iAdroit has a very simple SEO service in place. Our SEO service is based on keywords. Let's say your client is actively trying to rank for ten keywords. You provide full-scale SEO services for your client and, let's say you charge your client $600/month for your services. You can then outsource all of your SEO tasks to us for, let's say, $40/keyword or $400/month. You keep $200 and spend your time acquiring more paying clients while we take care of the menial tasks for you. This way, you will be building up your passive income streams and have more free time to invest in your business.

What's the Best Part About Private Label SEO?

One of the best features of iAdroit's SEO service is our plugin that automates the entire SEO process. Here, everything is streamed to your clients' sites in real-time. You (or they) can log in any time and manage keywords, content, and links. Links are one of the most important SEO signals! Because we manage thousands of websites and tens of thousands of links, our clients take advantage of our vast link partnerships. For instance, if your client is a dentist in New York, we have dentists in Los Angeles that will link to your SEO pages. Likewise, we will create links from your client's website to another dentist in Miami. This way, you have very relevant inbound and outbound links, which makes your clients' ascension in the search engines much more rapid.

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