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Healthcare UX Design

Healthcare UX Design

With the rapid growth of the healthcare industry in the United States over the past few years, there is great demand for simplistic and inspiring healthcare products - the need for UX and UI design has increased significantly.

The best healthcare UX design takes the following into account:

  • Patient safety
  • Simple and fun to use
  • Listening to users’ pain-points and needs
  • Following a Design Thinking process
  • Performing formative and summative usability tests

Improving user experience in healthcare

One important key to improving healthcare UX design is adhering to a design approach that promotes a deep understanding of healthcare stakeholders. Areteworks’ proprietary design process revolves around gaining this knowledge and utilizing it efficiently throughout the entirety of the project, from initial concept designs to summative usability testing.

Healthcare User Design Process

An intuitive healthcare user experience system should be based on understanding users’ needs. User feedback and data gained through research is a very important factor during the design process. Areteworks’ healthcare UX designers are experts in understanding stakeholders’ current workflows and pain-points. Our propriety process is able to translate their needs into actionable design that leads to simplistic and inspiring products. Our healthcare UX solutions increases the device’s ease of use, maximizes intuitiveness, and minimizes the possibility of errors.

Easy access

With patient safety being a top priority, it is essential to deliver to users a healthcare UX design that provides a smooth workflow of functionalities by keeping the software simple, easy, and comfortable. For example, registration and login forms should be easy to find and provide intuitive ways to input user details. A confusing system will not only frustrate end-users but most likely their usage will be ignored by patients.

Aesthetics (Visual design)

With the advent of easy-to-use and visual appealing products like the iPhone, many users expect healthcare products to be at this level. This is particularly true concerning color schemes, iconography, fonts, spacing and reading legibility across different distances. Within the healthcare industry, certain colors may signify different medical issues to healthcare professionals and different levels of concern. Additionally, icons used in healthcare interfaces need to have immediate clarity for the user. Areteworks’ healthcare UX specialists are aware of the visual details and specifics surrounding the design of healthcare systems.

Summative Usability Tests

Our Human Factors specialists play an essential role in both formative and summative usability tests, as well as documenting for FDA requirements. We understand how to properly analyze testing data and feedback, and are able to iterate a design that meets FDA approval and ensures the swift deployment of the product.

At Areteworks, we pride ourselves on designing healthcare UX systems that overall improves on the simplicity, user’s experience, and visual appearance of the system. To find out how we can help you with your healthcare project, contact us today.

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