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UX consultant

UX consultant

People tend to see consultants as “experts” who charge large fees to give practical advice without actually doing detail work. At Areteworks, our UX consultants work on every aspect of the design process, from user research to concept design to usability testing and visual design. Our UX consultants understand how to design intuitive, innovative, and enjoyable-to-use applications.

The information listed below is a guide to better understanding what our UX consultants can bring to your project.

What does a UX consultant do?

UX consultants’ top priority is designing inspiring products that deliver meaningful, simple and intuitive user experiences for your stakeholders. UX consultants understand that achieving a world-class UX involves the entire design and development process.

This would include the navigation, user interface, content, layout, visuals, and many other interactive elements of the product. Ultimately, the role of UX consultants involves gaining empathy for end-users by understanding their needs, wants, and pain-point. UX consultants help chart a course for the project to guarantee that user feedback and input are always part of the design process so that the end-user gets the best experience when the project is completed.

Areteworks’ UX consultants have a rich background in a wide variety of disciplines, including user research, visual design, UI design, usability, and software development. Our designers have worked extensively in a number of industries, from consumer to healthcare to entertainment. As UX consultants, we also possess strong experience in usability testing, information architecture, content creation, and other aspects of the project that are germane to designing the best user experience.

Ways a UX consultant can help your business

If you’ve been wondering why you need to consider UX consulting, below are a few points to consider:

UX consultants should help with your strategy: Bringing in a UX consultant at the beginning of your project to help with the project’s design strategy should help you avoid pitfalls and roadblocks that hinder design improvements and create budget overruns. Areteworks’ UX consultants possess the knowledge, experience, and with their propriety design process we can help design a plan that would not only meet your project goals but deliver high-quality product in a cost-effective way.

UX consultants should help you better understand your customers: A UX consulting firm should review current user’s data (VOC, focus groups, QA, etc), competitor’s product and perform User Research to help you gather relevant data about your customers workflows, needs, inspirations, and frustrations. Areteworks employs some of the leading User and Behavioral Research specialists in the industry. Importantly, you can trust our consultants to correctly analyze the research data and convey the results to your project design team in ways that lead to innovative and actionable items that enhance your product’s user experience.

UX consultants should review competitors and your application: A UX consultant should also be able to join an existing project and identify areas of the design that needs improvement and suggest ways to go about it. Areteworks’ experienced UX designers can review your existing product as well as conduct competitive review and analysis. By leverage our extensive UX design knowledge, our design team can enhance and maximize your product without the need to restart the project, keeping your timeline and budget intact.

UX consultants should perform usability testing: Testing your product with actual end-users provides invaluable data and allows user feedback to help revise and shape the design concept direction. Areteworks’ UX consultants have extensive experience in prototype creation across multiple platforms and have the expertise in testing methodologies to gain valuable and useful insights from stakeholders.

How much does a UX consultant charge?

The amount you’ll pay to hire a UX consultant should depend on the specifics of your project. Factors such as the scale of the project, the number and complexity of screens needed, level of visual design required, size and location of usability tests conducted, and whether or not software development is part of the scope would all play a role in the overall budget.

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