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UX design agency

UX Design agency

The importance of user experience (UX) design has been growing over the past decade, with companies either hiring UI/UX designers in-house or dealing with external UX design agencies. At Areteworks, we believe the success of a product or device will pivot on the quality and intuitiveness of the user experience. A recognizably simpler user interface (UI) will help in this goal by demonstrating accessibility to the features of the product, thereby delivering a better experience to the end user.

We have compiled an overview of the TOP UI/UX design agencies that offer excellent user experience services and have been vital to the launch of hundreds of successful digital products.


A California-based UX design agency founded in early 2000, Areteworks is among the highest-rated UX agencies in the world. Areteworks has emerged as a world-class UX and UI design agency, receiving numerous awards including Best UX & UI Design for five years running (2015-2019), and have appeared in distinguished publications like Forbes and Smart Computing.


Areteworks provides each of its clients with a team of creative and innovative UX and UI designers, experienced research specialists, talented visual designers, and knowledgeable software developers. Our team of professionals consistently delivers innovative and inspiring user experience products.

Areteworks has provided successful UX design solutions for a wide range of clients from the consumer, healthcare, scientific, entertainment, and educational industries. Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, Edwards Lifesciences, and Thermo Fisher Scientific are just a few of the many notable clients who chose Areteworks to help them achieve their product goals. We have also worked with a large number of fast-growing startups and established international companies. Areteworks sets a high bar for UX design, making our firm one of the top UI/UX design agencies across the globe.

Bakken & Baeck

Bakken & Baeck, which was founded in 2011, is a digital studio with offices across parts of Europe; Amsterdam, Bonn, and Oslo. They are known to create a strong bond with their clients, which helps speed up the digital product design creation process. Besides digital product design and development, they are also professionals in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Apart from client projects, they contribute to the iindustry by hosting a one-day design conference tagged "Stupid Hackathon." Also, they have launched their own products, such as the Daylight App and a design collaboration tool Wake, recently purchased by InVision.


MetaLab is a UX agency situated in Canada and has worked with some of the world's top companies such as Uber, Slack, and Google to build, design, and ship digital products and services.

They kick-started their business in 2006 but took off after collaborating with Slack to design the first version of their app and website. They've accomplished over 185 product shipments to clients and also a few successful ventures such as Pixel Union and Flow, which they manufactured internally.


Frog is one of the old players in the design world with over 50 years in the industry. They started as an industrial design and branding firm, but later switched to the digital world and became better in this as technology evolved.

Frog does a lot of designing, from hardware and furniture design to branding and mobile apps. It is indeed known as a single multinational design company. Presently, it operates from 10 different offices around the world. Today, Frog is still vibrant in industrial design and shines best with projects that involve digital interfaces, hardware, and branding.

Fantasy Interactive

Fantasy is also a notable UX agency with offices in the US (New York, San Francisco, and Miami) and London. The firm acquired fame from its beautiful UI designs. Also, their brand has a powerful visual presence, with an extremely professional taste.

Fantasy got their notoriety with their "What if?" videos by reanalyzing digital products in a new and modern way. These videos demonstrated their classy visual design skills and contained animated UI designs, which was unique at the time. Fantasy has grown into a large digital agency, which enables them to work with big corporates like Mitsubishi, Porsche, and USA Today.

Are you planning on designing a project soon? At Areteworks, we are an award-winning user experience agency capable of creating intuitive and inspiring UX/UI design solutions that will please your customers and give your product an advantage in the marketplace. Contact us today.

UX design agency
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