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Assessing stakeholders’ perspectives during the COVID-19 health crisis

During the COVID-19 health crisis, the importance of understanding stakeholders’ perspectives cannot be overstated. Primary research may be needed as evolving user needs create new frustrations and pain-points for stakeholders. This knowledge is the fundamental building blocks for a simple and enjoyable user experience!  

Due to the pandemic, though, performing classical ethnographic research may not always be possible. Areteworks’ multidisciplinary research team has extensive experience conducting online research as well as in-person research methodologies following CDC guidelines. Our research specialists can conduct rapid user needs assessment using live streaming methods, allowing our researchers to watch users perform their tasks and conduct stakeholder interviews. We are also able to safely and efficiently conduct on-site user research while practicing COVID safety regulations when a more traditional research approach is needed. 

Additionally, our extensive knowledge of medical practitioners and consumer users allows us to draw on our vast and unique experience in both the healthcare and consumer industries to help provide an even greater understanding of your end-users. We can analyze and leverage any pre-existing marketing, QC, and secondary data to help save on both time and budget.  

From there, we use the data collected to create empathy mapping, personas, and user journeys for a deeper understanding of how the various user demographics are experiencing your product during COVID-19. Our UX & UI team also places an emphasis on client stakeholders perspectives – understanding each client’s existing goals and insights associated with their project. This includes project constraints, key product specifications, user interaction requirements, and competitive research. 

At Areteworks, we are able to identify critical research information that is the difference between a good and great user experience. Contact us today to learn more on how Areteworks’ UX and UI services during COVID-19 can help your project. 

Posted in 2020