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EHR user interface design

The importance of intuitive UI design in healthcare can not be overstated. As such, the importance of even the smallest design details in electronic health record interface design should always be given a proper amount of consideration and weight.

When using metaphors within the user interface, keep them consistent. Mixing metaphors causes confusion, and with medical devices even the smallest amount of confusion can add untold stress to the user’s experience. In addition, create metaphors that resemble their real-world counterparts whenever possible. Abstract graphical metaphors tend to place the importance on recall over recognition, which may be counterproductive in a healthcare environment. Finally, a soothing color scheme can also add clarity to an EHR user interface. The use of a variety of bolder colors can be distracting. Bolder tones should only be associated with and draw attention to vital aspects of the information being presented.

Posted in 2014