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Intuitive and Rapid UI Design Solutions During the Pandemic

Public health emergencies like the current pandemic can cause our society to change quickly, making User Interface (UI) design efforts incredibly time-sensitive. At Areteworks, we employ a proprietary COVID-19 design process to quickly generate inspirational and affordable UI design systems for both mobile and online platforms. Our newly-revised design process allows us to quickly refine UI concepts, allowing stakeholders to provide input and feedback on a consistent basis throughout the project lifecycle. We use insight from stakeholders’ perspectives, competitive assessment, and detailed workflow analysis to generate multiple innovative UI design concepts. By working with numerous companies worldwide, Areteworks has the experience needed to conduct remote collaboration between our team and our clients. We are also able to collaborate face-to-face while maintaining CDC COVID standards and practices.

Prior to the project’s wireframe phase, Areteworks conducts brainstorm sessions with the client’s team. If needed, Innovation workshop are conducted and act as an effective and creative process which generates numerous unique and innovative UI design ideas that address the behaviors, desires, and frustrations of end-users. Areteworks will use an experienced workshop specialist to facilitate creative thinking activities between workshop participants either online or in-person. Our talented UI & UX designers brainstorm with various key members of the client’s team to discover valuable “nuggets” that play a vital role in establishing our clients firmly at the forefront of next-generation products.

When starting this phase, our designers utilize wireframe screen layouts without aesthetics to evaluate functionality and user flows, continuously testing our concepts internally and externally during our rapid iterative design process. Areteworks establishes internal reviews to ensure that every User Interface deliverable is designed with the greatest care and fidelity. Additional senior managers, senior designers, and visual designers will attend these concept reviews to provide their expert feedback from a fresh perspective, untied to any presumptions or constraints.

Areteworks utilizes many different design methods to accommodate our client’s needs and schedule. Our in-depth expertise in both UX and UI designs has consistently delivered intuitive and enjoyable experiences.

Posted in 2020