Our approach to Visual Design

December 23, 2021

Areteworks understands the important role Visual Design plays in conveying vital information quickly and accurately. Our Visual Design team knows that the design they apply to the user interface needs to do more than give your product an aesthetic appeal. We consider a variety of design principles and issues when shaping the visual aspect of the interface to assure your product will be used in a manner that is easy, safe, and minimizes critical error.

To facilitate the swift delivery of the interface screen elements, Areteworks’ design experts participate in the early stages of our proprietary design process. We begin preliminary stages of the visual design, such as icon themes and color schemes, during the Conceptual Design phase to better adhere to any aggressive deadlines that can often occur. Our visual designers get involved during the Conceptual Design phase in order to better understand the final workflow direction, allowing them to quickly begin creating visual concepts without much guidance.

During the visual design phase, we refine and complete the screen visuals, and continue to hold internal and external reviews scheduled around established milestones. Our visual designers are uniquely qualified in creating world-class graphics and icons that will transfer easily between desktop, mobile, and online applications. We have both the talent and experience to generate visually stunning UI design and iconography while keeping your project on track..

Let Areteworks create inspiring, relevant, and contemporary visuals for your product that engages users and sets you apart in the marketplace.

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