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Healthcare UX Design trends | UX Design Company

Recent trends in healthcare UX design prioritize speed, privacy, innovation, personalization, and perhaps most importantly, an intuitive and safe mobile-first approach. The motivation behind many regulatory changes and updates in healthcare-related device development is the surge of healthcare-related mobile device


Avoiding cognitive overload in UI & UX design | UX Design Company

The term “cognitive load” was originally coined by psychologists to describe the mental effort required to learn new information. In terms of User Experience design, cognitive load is the amount of mental effort required to operate a user interface system.


Medical UI Design That Simplifies Complex Data

Simplicity in Medical UI Design may be an interface’s most important usability design principle. It optimizes the user experience and simplifies software development. One example is Thermo Fisher Scientific’s innovative NanoDrop One UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, which solves complex analytical challenges and