User Journeys for stronger User Experience Design | UI UX Design

In user experience design, user journeys are essential for establishing a successful design direction. A user journey is more than a list of actions taken by users to reach a goal or complete a task. Using information gained through behavior research methodologies such as shadowing and interviews, Areteworks’ UX Design experts create a graphical timeline detailing what users experience to reach their goals, mapping all touch points and perspectives along the way.

In addition to task analysis, user journeys help our User Experience Design team to understand:
• Stakeholder goals
• Their motivations
• Their current pain points
• Their perceptions and suggestions

This detailed visualization of the current pathways your customers take to perform their required tasks provides valuable insight into required workflows, all based on the unique motivations and objectives of the end-users. While mapping the actions users perform provides important data, the recording of their perceptions, pain points, and suggestions as they accomplish the task adds to the Empathy Research data. This additional layer of information forms the groundwork for the project’s design direction as well as aid in participant recruitment for Usability Testing and the formation of test interview guides. The information obtained from user journeys is especially important in Healthcare UX Design. The user interface systems used by medical products and devices carry an additional need for safety and intuitiveness. Understanding all facets of what users of these devices encounter provides an improved healthcare UX for clinicians, hospital staff, and patients.

User journeys help solidify the direction of user interface design, establish a strong information architecture, and give our Visual Design experts a deeper understanding of the best way to approach the design details of the graphical interface. Contact Areteworks today and let our expertise in User Experience and User Interface Design optimize the success of your product.

Posted in 2019