Keys to intuitive User Interface Design

June 26, 2017

To achieve the most intuitive user interface solutions, the gap between the user’s current knowledge level and the minimum knowledge level needed to complete a given task must be bridged as quickly and easily as possible. The biggest key to achieving this is discovering end users’ current understanding of similar systems. Just as important is…

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mHealth apps, User Research and Usability Testing

May 15, 2017

mHealth apps have made their way into everyday health care management. Mobile health technology-or mHealth- can be described as the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to deliver health care and preventive health services. Unfortunately, studies show an overwhelming percentage of patients are not using the apps that hospitals provide. This would seem…

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CTA Button UX design and mobile devices

April 24, 2017

Mobile CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons present unique issues for UI and UX Design. Since CTA buttons generally are those features and actions you want the user to easily recognize and interact with, the characteristics that allow for that to happen need to be easily transferable across different platforms and devices. Certain elements need to be considered…

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Quotations about User Interface and User Experience design

March 28, 2017

Some interesting quotations about User Interface design: “An interface is humane if it is responsive to human needs and considerate of human frailties.” ~Jef Raskin “In many cases, the user interface to a program is the most important part for a commercial company: whether the programs works correctly or not seems to be secondary.” ~Linus…

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User Research and diary studies

February 28, 2017

In user research, a diary study is a research method used to collect qualitative data about user behaviors and experiences over time. Study participants are asked to keep a diary and describe aspects of their lives that are relevant to a product or service. This can take place over an extended period ranging from a…

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Card-structured layout in User Interface Design

December 15, 2016

With mobile internet usage surpassing the desktop, User Interface Design is now favoring the small screen as responsive design becomes mandatory. Simple interface styles like flat design, and in particular the use of cards, are more popular than ever. Cards are small individual containers of information, with each card representing its own singular thought. A…

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User Interface Design and the psychology of color

October 20, 2016

Color usage in User Interface Design relies on more than just the personal preferences of designers and clients. The increase in touchscreen usage on electronic devices means the interaction is more direct and intimate. With that comes an emotional relationship between users and their devices that should be part of any successful interface. The psychological…

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Dashboard User Experience Trends

May 9, 2016

The move towards cleaner UI Experiences and design layouts isn’t restricted to any one area of UI design, but dashboards may be utilizing the trend to its fullest. A Flat design with simple colors and fewer graphics lets users focus on content and features. This leads to a greatly improved user experience. The cleaner dashboard…

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Medical UI Design and Human Factors validation

March 29, 2016

The Medical UI design field recently received assistance from the FDA in the form of a publication title “Applying Human Factors and Usability Engineering to Medical Devices.” This is a guidance document helping those in the medical device and medical user interface industry in developing the proper human factors and usability engineering methods and practices…

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