Thermo Scientific

Providing an intuitive and inspiring User Experience for the NanoDrop One product.

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User Experience Design

Award winning User interface design company for mobile, enterprise, consumer and medical products. Areteworks’ vast experience in UI Design allows us to combine elegance and innovation to create an enjoyable user experience.

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Mobile UI Design

Areteworks designed the next generation UI for Verizon VZ Navigator with a distinctive and intuitive user interface that gives users the full power of their product’s tools and features.

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Areteworks created an innovative and ground-breaking UI for DermSpectra, performing extensive empathy research to innovate and understand user needs, workflows and their key pain points.

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An Innovative User Interface Design Company

At Areteworks, we design and deliver innovative and intuitive user interface design solutions that give our clients a distinct competitive advantage through intelligent digital design. We have received numerous awards including Best UI Design for 2014, 2015 and 2016 and have appeared in such distinguished publications as Forbes and Smart Computing.

We understand the elements which influence the achievement of a world-class user interface design; from the activities of the end users to the complexity of the decisions being made by those users and the sensitive balance between these precise factors. By designing and deploying some of the world’s best user experience products, Areteworks has been an influential presence and has set the standard in user interface design for the past decade. Let Areteworks help you build exceptional products that will give you a distinct and profitable presence in a competitive marketplace.


Behavioral Research

We utilize behavioral and competitive research as fundamental building blocks to a better understanding of the end-users’ mental model. We then “digitally” translate consumers’ behaviors into their products.

Innovation Workshops

We form multidisciplinary teams (composed of various key members of the client’s team including Aretework’s specialists) to discover important aspects and “key” features to spark ideas durign the multi-concept and prototyping phase of the project.

Information Architecture

At Areteworks, the development of a sound information architecture organizes the functions and features into a coherent structure that maximizes both the intuitiveness of the UI and the learnability of the system.

User Experience and Visual Design

At Areteworks, we create Intuitive and aesthetically pleasing User Interface designs that give your customers simple and enjoyable ways to interact with your product or service.

Usability Testing

Areteworks’ rapid and effective usability testing methods provides our user interface design team critical and invaluable data to establish a successful user interface direction.

Prototype and Development

Areteworks has over 20 years of expertise developing mobile, online and desktop applications that are intuitive and provide an inspiring User Experience!


This is the Best User Interface!

— Apple Evangelist


Areteworks' solutions are inventive, implementation is sound, and their flexibility to adjust to changing priorities makes them a pleasure to work with.

— AiM


Areteworks delivered a compelling and complete solution, from the product vision to the user interface and graphics definition.

— Magellan Navigation Inc.


Kudos to your Design team. Their work surpassed our expectations.

— Medrad


Areteworks is a very talented, creative and hard working organization.

— MediaTrust


Areteworks produce work that is unmatched in quality and thoroughness in the User Interface industry.

— HemisphereGPS


I am beyond pleased with the work your team did for us!

— Panasonic


Very impressed. Their User Interface designers are the best in the industry...

— Verizon


User Interface Design and the psychology of color

Color usage in User Interface Design relies on more than just the personal preferences of designers and clients. The increase in touchscreen usage on electronic devices means the interaction is more direct and intimate. With that comes an emotional relationship between users and their devices that should be part of...

Cognitive Overload and User Interface Design

One very important aspect of User Interface Design to be aware of is avoiding cognitive overload for the user. Cognitive overload is the overstimulation of the user when performing tasks with the interface. This could be due to variables such as distracting visuals and colors, repetitive actions, graphical inconsistency and...

Dashboard User Experience Trends

The move towards thinner, clean UI Experience and design layouts isn’t restricted to any one area of UI design, but dashboards may be utilizing the trend to its fullest. A Flat design with simple colors and fewer extraneous graphics puts the focus where it belongs: on the content. Focusing more...

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