Bridging the gap between Orthodontist and patient management.



An inspiring mobile banking app that turns smartphones into user-friendly and innovative document-capturing devices.



Providing an intuitive and inspiring User Experience for the NanoDrop One product.



Creating an inspiring and intuitive user experience for both the mobile and web platforms.


Award-Winning User Experience Design Company

At Areteworks, we design and deliver intuitive and inspiring user experience design solutions that give our clients a distinct competitive advantage through innovative designs. We have received numerous awards including Best UX & UI Design for 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. We have also appeared in distinguished publications like Forbes and Smart Computing.

We understand the elements which influence the achievement of a world-class user experience design; from the activities of the end users to the complexity of the decisions being made by those users and the sensitive balance between these precise factors. By designing and deploying some of the world’s best user experience products, Areteworks has been an influential presence and has set the standard in UI and UX design for the past decade. Let Areteworks help you build exceptional products that will give you a distinct and profitable presence in a competitive marketplace.


User Experience Design

Areteworks is a world-class user experience design company with expertise in UX and UI designs. We create meaningful and gratifying experiences for your stakeholders by understanding that achieving an inspiring UX involves the entire design and development process. User or empathy research gives our designers a deeper understanding of your stakeholder’s needs and motivations. Data provided through research and usability testing not only lets us know if the user experience concepts are addressing the touchpoints stakeholders find important, but also aids the company in discovering the “hidden nuggets” that differentiate them from their competitors—we have helped many of our clients create IP patents based on our process. Our visual design team understands the role aesthetics plays in creating an engaging user experience, applying relevant contemporary graphics and iconography to the user interface with help from user feedback collected throughout the project’s lifecycle. And our user experience specialists, as well as UX project manager, ensure that all pain points and usability issues are resolved before delivering the final user experience solution to our clients.

User Interface Design

At Areteworks, we create intuitive and inspiring User Interface designs that give your customers simple and enjoyable ways to interact with your product or service. We employ an iterative user-centered design process (Design Thinking) to generate innovative workflows and UI design concepts that form the foundation for successful UI and UX solutions. By conducting services such as behavioral research, competitive assessment, and detailed task and feature analysis, Areteworks’ Information Architects (IA) use insight into users’ workflow sequences to design optimize interaction concepts. Our IAs utilize line-drawn screen layouts without aesthetics to evaluate functionality and user flows in tangible ways, providing access to the most frequently needed functions without filling the screen with too much information. With a full range of design capabilities and disciplines, Areteworks has the tools to find innovative pathways for your product’s users to complete their tasks and achieve their goals with minimal effort. Our expertise in designing intuitive and functional user interface systems guarantees maximized usability and an engaging UI solution applicable across multiple platforms.

Visual Design

Areteworks’ visual designers shape and improve the user experience by considering the effects of space, layouts, color schemes, typography, and iconography to ensure that the usability and aesthetics are maximized. We consider a variety of design principles and issues when shaping the visual aspect of the user interface, including aesthetic consistency, branding, visual hierarchy, contrast, the work environment of the stakeholders, and the manner of interaction between the user and the interface system. Our Visual Design team understands that the design decisions they apply to the interface need to do more than give your product a pleasing appearance. Areteworks’ graphics and icons are not only contemporary, but also assure your product will be used in a manner that is easy, safe, and minimizes critical error. We specialize in generating design solutions that will transfer between desktop, mobile, and online applications. In addition, our visual designers realize the important role their design direction plays in establishing your brand’s unique look and feel. Let Areteworks create an inspiring, relevant, and contemporary UI for your product that engages users and sets you apart in the marketplace.


Empathy research data acts as the fundamental building blocks for a more thorough understanding of your customers and their needs and desires. Using research feedback methodologies such as shadowing and contextual interviews provides Areteworks with a deeper knowledge of your customers’ thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. We use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to delve into the good, bad, and frustrating experiences users currently face. Our multidisciplinary research team has strong research experience with both consumer users and medical practitioners and is able to identify critical information that is the difference between a good and great user experience. Our designers use this data to create user journeys, personas, and preliminary workflows that will help guide the design direction of the project. The continuous application of this user research data throughout the Design Thinking process is vital to the success of any user experience design.

Usability Testing

Areteworks’ effective and detailed formative usability testing methods provide our design team critical data from representative users, highlighting the design concept’s strong points and difficulties. Our team develops a detailed formative research plan which includes the research protocol, a demographic breakdown of test subjects, and all interview guidelines. Additionally, Areteworks’ development team creates a semi-interactive simulator of the selected design concept(s) which serve as a usability evaluation tool. These low-fidelity prototypes allow our designers to test the user interaction of the system rather than the user preference of the interface’s aesthetics. The results of the formative research will be analyzed to determine areas to be improved and to assess the user’s overall impression of the software. By introducing these user insights early and often in the design process, we can establish a successful design direction for your product.


Areteworks has over 20 years of design experience and technical expertise developing mobile, online, and desktop applications. Using an Agile Methodology, Areteworks develops in short yet effective cycles to give our clients results that are intuitive and provide inspiring User Experiences across multiple platforms. Our software development team ensures quality has been met in every cycle of development by concluding each cycle with a phase of meticulous testing. With many years of experience in software development in web, mobile, and desktop, Areteworks has compiled an invaluable and comprehensive collection of custom libraries, allowing us to leverage our existing resources to reduce both development time and costs to a considerable degree. In addition, our development specialists will schedule regular web conferences, teleconferences, and meetings to ensure perfect alignment with our clients.


This is the Best User Interface!

— Apple Evangelist


Areteworks' solutions are inventive, implementation is sound, and their flexibility to adjust to changing priorities makes them a pleasure to work with.

— AiM


This is the Best User Interface!

— Apple Evangelist


Areteworks delivered a compelling and complete solution, from the product vision to the user interface and graphics definition.

— Magellan Navigation Inc.


Kudos to your Design team. Their work surpassed our expectations.

— Medrad


Areteworks is a very talented, creative and hard working organization.

— MediaTrust


This is the Best User Interface!

— Apple Evangelist


Areteworks produce work that is unmatched in quality and thoroughness in the User Interface industry.

— HemisphereGPS


I am beyond pleased with the work your team did for us!

— Panasonic


Very impressed. Their User Interface designers are the best in the industry.

— Verizon

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